Lonetree Ranch

Location: Upton, Wyoming

Proprietor: The Taylor family

In 2009 Taylor family purchased Lonetree Ranch, a classic mountain
cattle ranch. Originally founded by the Wadsworth family in 1918, this
was once one of the most historic large-scale operations in the Cowboy
State. Today, we raise livestock with the goal of being an
economically-viable working ranch, as well as enhancing the health of
the land and water systems.

We believe ranching is a mix of art and science. Blending the two
disciplines is our way of mixing age-old practices with modern
knowledge and ideas. The Art of Ranching consists of skills that
embody a sense for the land and the animals. It is passed from one
generation to the next. These skills are hard to learn: they come from
years spent working the land, of being with animals.

We strive to couple these ancestral ways with current scientific
understanding of agricultural studies, veterinary medicine, and
business. Blending these two disciplines allow us to keep close to
mother nature and aware of opportunities to better observe, predict
and react to our experiences.

Our herd is made up of mother cows, their offspring and young steers.
The cattle graze the high country of the Uinta Mountains in the
summer, and come down to our lower pastures during the fall, winter
and spring. The ranch and the cattle are USDA certified organic.

We want to push the envelope of American ranching and promote our work
on animal welfare, as well as land and water management. We commit

Do Our Best by the land, the animals, and the people we work with.
Be Safe, always.
Get Better every year.