Murraymere Farms

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Location: Powell, Wyoming

Proprietor: The Murray Family

Murraymere Farms started in 1914 with 80 acres of sagebrush. In 1954 they purchased their first two registered Angus heifers. Today, four generations later the Murrays are farming over 2000 acres of crop ground and have approximately 900 mother cows in beautiful Powell, Wyoming. The ranch is less than two hours east of the world-famous Yellowstone National Park. Cody, WY is only thirty minutes west of the farm where the world-famous Buffalo Bill history began.

Murraymere Farms is committed to raising cattle in a safe and humane way. Every single calf is born on the farm and stays with their mother until they are ready to wean. After weaning, the calves are placed in their feedlot and fed a calculated, balanced and nurturing mix of high-quality grain corn, corn silage and alfalfa hay daily— all of which is grown on the farm. They take pride in having premium crops to feed cattle to produce premium quality beef that is raised “from conception to consumption” all right in WY.

Murraymere cattle are never given any synthetic hormones or implants of any kind and can be source and age verified using scannable electronic ID tags on every calf.
Murraymere rancher Keith Murray is 76 years young and hand selects every single beef that ends up on your table. They transport the fed beef directly to the packer taking care of the animals along every step. Murraymere is proud to say their beef grades/yields 100% prime and choice plus with beautiful marbling on nearly every load. You know you are getting the best of the West!