BeefChain Announces Management Change; Promotes Steven C. Lupien

Members of American Certified Brands, LLC, owner of the BeefChain trademark, have voted to promote Steven C. Lupien to become its new President. Mr. Lupien, a co-founder, was previously chief operating officer. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the food industry, including leading the Specialty Foods Division of IMS, Ltd/Land-O-Lakes Specialty Foods.

“BeefChain has been on the forefront of blockchain-based food provenance and safety,” said Mr. Lupien. “I’m proud to take this organization into its next phase as a start-up, and build on its four lines of revenue. Our founding goal was to use blockchain technology to help Wyoming ranchers sell their cattle at premium prices by proving that the cattle were raised in Wyoming. We have proven success in this area, and we are capitalizing on significant opportunities to scale this success to other states, countries and other product categories.”

Mr. Lupien assumed his new role immediately on an interim basis. Among his new responsibilities are to build on the Company’s early successes in its four business lines, establish a board of directors and prepare the company to scale its operations.

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